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Fox Fur

Fox, which comes in many natural colors, is found all over the world. Because of its long hair and distinctive coloring, its popularity depends on fashion, especially in the US. Fox is easy to ranch and was ranched extensively in … Continue reading

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Fur Terminology

Some people is not used to the fur terms, so we found this list that will help you understand more about the fur you buy: Brightener added Just like hair, fur color and luster can be enhanced with special treatments. … Continue reading

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Care tips for fur and shearling sheepskin

Our friends from Fur Hat World have this excellent guide on how to maintain our fur stuff: Unless you have a very delicate fur like chinchilla, your fur hat is a fairly durable item and simply must be treated with … Continue reading

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Antelope skin facts

In antelope the skin should be supple, although the hair tends to be stiff and flat. The color is usually light brown to gray, depending on whether the antelope is from Africa or America. Because of the stiffness and flatness … Continue reading

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