Fur Tails

Colored Fox Fur Tails with Keychain

Colored Fox Fur Tails

Fur tails are decorative items that are used for making into garments, accessories, blankets and comforters. You can have them as great additions to your wardrobe and you can use them as key chains, for decoration, and using to make crafts. Real fur tails are available as raccoon tails, fox tails, and coyote tails.  They can also be made into fox tail clips.

When used as fur key chains, besides serving its purpose as an actual key chain, these fur tails can be great for ladies’ handbags, backpacks, and you can also attach them into your belt loops.  They make perfect gifts, so you can normally find these key chains in tourist shops.  You can buy many different types of these and take home as presents to your loved ones. They can also be used to hang on your car mirror.

Coyote fur tails are almost similar to fox fur tails in texture and appearance.  Although Coyotes have many stories in the American Indian lore.  The Coyote is known as the Trickster, because for every challenge, it wants to take the easy way out, but these tricks usually never work. The animal teaches many lessons, some of them which include not taking life seriously and to take responsibility for your actions, most especially when the consequences are not good.

In any color the fox tails are very luxurious and soft to touch, but they are rare and hard to find. The do it yourself type can turn fur keychains into dog toys and cat toys. Pair your fur keychain with a lovely fur hat.  There are many options for fur hats that match most fur tails.  Check out some great fur hats by clicking here.

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