Fur Fashion

Check out this awesome article about the REMIX International Fur Design Competition: Rising stars.  Finding great fur products is fun and easy check out some products by clicking here.

Knitted Fur Long Vest - Rabbit Fur with Raccoon Fur Trim“Effortlessly luxurious, consistently workable: in the right hands, fur can be tailored into beautiful, edgy items worthy of any international catwalk. Showcasing fur’s forward-thinking fashionability has always been the prime motive of the REMIX International Fur Design Competition, a highlight of the annual MIFUR fair in Milan.

Each year, young designers from around the world contribute dramatic and contemporary styles hoping to catch the eye of the fashion press and talent watchers. This year’s winners include Alexander Krantz, who scooped the Gold Award with his white-blue fox coat with bobby pin shoulder details, and Cristina Ramirez-Ruiz, who combined dying and tailoring techniques to transform an old coat into a super-chic, deep red, mid-length jacket for the Pimp My Coat award. Furry nice too.”

Check out the rest of this article by clicking here.

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