Fur Products

Patchwork Raccoon Fur JacketThe term fur products refer to any wearing apparel such as fur coats, fur hats, etc. that are made from fur in whole or in part.  Fur clothing is worn in countries with very cool climate, like Canada and the USA.  Fur is also worn in many other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Russian, and Europe.  While fur is used to provide warmth and comfort and style during winter times, it is also associated with lavish spending and glamor because of its prohibitive costs.

In process to manufacture clothing out of fur starts with having animal pelts, where the processed skin is still holding the animal hair. The skin is cleaned thoroughly in a factory.  There, they may be dyed with patterns, or bright colors for the purpose of imitating the exotic animal pelts.  Sometimes dyeing is not done and the skin is left the natural color.  When fur is shorn down, it resembles the feel of velvet, and the fabric that results from this process is called shearling.

The materials needed in processing of fur include salts (table and aluminum), soda ash, acid, sawdust, cornstarch, degreasers, lanolin.  Less commonly needed are bleaches, toners for dyed fur, and dyes.  The use of above chemicals should depend on the type of fur and its purpose. When the fur is ready to be sewed into fur coats or fur hats, they are delivered to the factory.  Other products that use fur are fur shawls and stoles, fur vests, fur slippers and shoes, fur jackets, fur scarves, fur blankets and throws, and other fur accessories.

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