Furs for Production

Black Mink Fur Coat with Raccoon Fur CollarDuring the cold, windy and rainy months, most products that we see are made of fur,  like fur coats,  fur hats, fur jackets and fur rugs.  Real fur is taken from an animal’s skin, and among the most commonly used are the furs of rabbits, foxes, mink, raccoons, beaver, coyote and many more.  They are made into outerwear, accessories and also home decor. To know if a product is the best type of fur product shall depend from what animal it is taken from, and the quality of craftsmanship.

Some individuals prefer to buy faux fur items, which costs much less.  However, most men and women prefer to wear real fur products, for authenticity and originality.  The natural fur texture, thickness, durability, and resistance to water are some factors that contribute to the popularity of fur.

Fur stoles, collars, hats and wraps, are products commonly made from Mink Fur which is quite expensive. Mink fur is extremely durable, shiny and soft.  While coyote fur is silky and lightweight, mink has smooth, richly tinted fur.  You try pushing the hair upward and against the grain to test the softness;  other animal furs will feel coarse, while mink and coyote will remain soft to touch.

If you are looking for a durable fur to be used in outerwear you may want to consider beaver or muskrat. These animals have the thickest hair, and naturally are water repellent. Beaver and muskrat furs may not be as soft as fox or mink, but they are very durable and can give you the most warmth during fall and winter.  Beaver furs have become popularly used for fur coats and fur hats.  Fox fur is used in various items like coats, boots and fur hats.

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