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Black Mink Janice Bolero JacketCurious about the worlds fur markets? Find valuable information about fur markets which fur companies from all over the world get involved in to make products such as fur hats, fur coats, fur jackets and much more.

Fur auction prices are a good indicator of the world climate of the fur industry. In the last few years fur prices have gone beyond levels of past years at the world’s biggest fur auction houses. According to the Fur Information Council of America (2010), in the United States the overall fur sales increased by 3.1% for 2010 when compared to the previous year, and fur sales have actually increased over 30% above early 1990 levels.

The latest figures from the March, 2012, Fur Harvesters Auction (2012) held in North Bay, Ontario indicate that this year’s sale of furs was the most successful in the company’s history, and the largest sale on record. Mink, fox, muskrat, lynx, sable, beaver and coyote are some of the furs that have been in high demand at the auction houses in the last few years.

Mink pelts, which had fallen to $10 US in 1990, were bringing in more than $100 US at fur auctions in 2011. The price of mink had not only risen, but it had gone beyond past years’ levels. Mink now represents close to 70% of all the fur sold at retail (Fur Information Council of America, 2010; Goddard, 2011).

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