Fur Trade’s Role in Developing West Displayed at Museum

Full Pelt Sheared Beaver Fur ThrowEvery wonder what the how the western Canada played a part in the fur trade? Learn all about it by visiting Exploration Place. The fur trade help develop many products such as fur hats, fur coats, and fur gloves.
Prince George, B.C.- Anyone looking for a break from the heat, might want to think about   ducking into Exploration Place this week to check out a new exhibit.
The travelling exhibition “Profit + Ambition: The Canadian Fur Trade 1779-1821” is on display at the museum.
This exhibition is from the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau and it showcases the story of Canadian fur trade pioneers and the impact of the industry on the development of Western Canada.
The Federal Government provided $15 thousand dollars to bring the interactive exhibit to Prince George.  “This funding enables us to bring an important part of our history to life and educate both visitors and residents about the pioneering spirit that founded the West” says Fraser-Fort George Museum Society CEO Tracy Calogheros.
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