Fur Through the Times

Full Pelt Blue Fox Fur BlanketFur history comes from the earliest times, fur and leather and have been used by human kind.  These animal pelts have protected people from dying in extreme cold and from other harmful conditions.  Fur popularity has remained through the ages because of its strength and durability, status symbol, and warmth.

In the early societies, when fur clothing and other by products were worn by the ruling classes and experienced hunters, they exude power.  These materials were also associated with the social status in the European societies.  The last 2 centuries witnessed the middle classes falling in love for fashion furs, such as fur coats and fur vests.  They have felt that wearing such clothing is a way by which they can give themselves a modern look and also express their social standing,

Concerns about using animal products in fashion have started since the 1980s.  Efforts were extended by anti fur activists to strengthen their campaigns against cruelty to animals.  However these campaigns were not able to wipe out entirely the popularity of fur clothing.  The desire to wrap oneself in fur and leather still persists, because people wearing them feel and look and sensual and classy.

Fur vests and coats have been essential parts of human clothing ever since the early history.  Fur is a tool that enables men to survive in the earliest times, and has continued to become necessities when it comes to protection from the cold climate. These are reasons why fur and leather, when used as clothing, are part of our culture that are valued so highly.

These days, fur vests, coats and other fur clothing and accessories continue to enjoy being liked by most people and are still a symbol of taste and good standing and may remain to be for many years to come.

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