Decorating for the Fall

What’s not to love about the fall? Cool, crisp air, autumn dinners, and the pleasant crunching of leaves under your feet are a few of our favorite things about the season. You’ll want to stay cozy while the temperatures drop and we think decorating your home with fur will do just the trick.

Sheepskin rugs are a classic accessory to add to any room in your house! You can find sheepskin pelts in natural white color or dyed for a funky appeal. They add warmth, softness and comfort. They are your perfect companion for fall decor!

How about a plush caribou reindeer hide rug for your living room? Natural reindeer fur and a leather underside can act as a rug and even double as a throw. The rustic appeal of reindeer fur mimics the neutral tones of fall. If you’re looking for decoration, consider a caribou reindeer hide as a wall hanging.


Light and fluffy, rabbit fur pelts can instantly accentuate your home into an autumn paradise. Rabbit fur rugs are great for kid’s rooms and dining rooms alike. Picture the whole family coming together for a slice of pumpkin pie and enjoying the soft feel of rabbit fur at the table.

Fall is a great time to revamp your home with fur pelt accessories. Autumn plants and decorations are made even more beautiful atop a fur table cover. You’ll love warming up and getting cozy under a fur throw.

Set the mood for the season with lanterns and candle holders over a goat fur blanket. You can even add warmth to a screened in porch with fur rugs and pelts. You can’t wait to go home after a brisk fall stroll with soft sheepskin in your house.

Welcome the fall by using fur pieces around your home. The cooler months bring in that cozy feeling and your household decorations can reflect the changing of the leaves with a luxurious fur rug. Enjoy the weather!

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