Fashionistas and their obsession with Sheepskins!

You’ve seen them on Instagram, followed them on Pinterest, and watched their YouTube videos. Fashion bloggers have taken over the world with their well thought out articles and knowledge of the most contemporary trends. What’s the one thing they all have in common when featuring the latest products? Sheepskin as a backdrop, of course!

Fashion bloggers and internet shopkeepers love using sheepskin as their backdrop. We think it looks pretty nifty ourselves! But why are all of these fashionistas utilizing sheepskin rugs in their pictures and videos?

For starters, luscious sheepskin pelts make colors pop! Whether it’s a designer shirt or a vibrant pair of stilettos, sheepskin allows you to see the true shades of the item. We know we like getting what we paid for and you can view the whole product accurately atop a sheepskin rug.

The silky and shiny fibers of sheepskin also makes for a great picture. Pure white sheepskin rugs make it so you don’t even need a flash! Forget Instagram filters, real sheepskin is a beautiful as it gets.


Fashion bloggers also adore using sheepskin as backdrops for the soft and fluffy feel of the material. Bloggers and their models must enjoy feeling luscious sheepskin against their skin. The ivory shade also smooths any blemishes and makes long legs look tan and gorgeous in pictures.

Even if a blogger or retailer is selling a less-expensive item, plush sheepskin looks luxurious and rich. Any drab background won’t do if there’s beautiful sheepskin to be pictured! Sheepskin can also be placed on the floor or as a wall hanging for a great backdrop to a photo shoot.


Sheepskin is breathable and hyper-allergenic as well as being pretty. You won’t have to worry about stuffy and smelly products that have been featured on a sheepskin rug. Sheepskin pelts can also protect your desired purchases by resisting bacteria and germs from the air. No wonder fashion bloggers love to feature sheepskin rugs!

Aside from just looking lovely, sheepskin has a certain air about it. Sheepskin evokes the feeling of comfort and familiarity which draws viewers and buyers in to keep up with their favorite bloggers. The natural material is appealing to the eye and truly fashionable as a backdrop.


Plus, who doesn’t want to look fabulous? Glam and soft sheepskin is certainly eye-catching. When you’re scrolling through your feed, the appearance of a sheepskin backdrop will keep you clicking. The secret is out: white sheepskin as a backdrop is in for fashion bloggers!

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Decorating for the Fall

What’s not to love about the fall? Cool, crisp air, autumn dinners, and the pleasant crunching of leaves under your feet are a few of our favorite things about the season. You’ll want to stay cozy while the temperatures drop and we think decorating your home with fur will do just the trick.

Sheepskin rugs are a classic accessory to add to any room in your house! You can find sheepskin pelts in natural white color or dyed for a funky appeal. They add warmth, softness and comfort. They are your perfect companion for fall decor!

How about a plush caribou reindeer hide rug for your living room? Natural reindeer fur and a leather underside can act as a rug and even double as a throw. The rustic appeal of reindeer fur mimics the neutral tones of fall. If you’re looking for decoration, consider a caribou reindeer hide as a wall hanging.


Light and fluffy, rabbit fur pelts can instantly accentuate your home into an autumn paradise. Rabbit fur rugs are great for kid’s rooms and dining rooms alike. Picture the whole family coming together for a slice of pumpkin pie and enjoying the soft feel of rabbit fur at the table.

Fall is a great time to revamp your home with fur pelt accessories. Autumn plants and decorations are made even more beautiful atop a fur table cover. You’ll love warming up and getting cozy under a fur throw.

Set the mood for the season with lanterns and candle holders over a goat fur blanket. You can even add warmth to a screened in porch with fur rugs and pelts. You can’t wait to go home after a brisk fall stroll with soft sheepskin in your house.

Welcome the fall by using fur pieces around your home. The cooler months bring in that cozy feeling and your household decorations can reflect the changing of the leaves with a luxurious fur rug. Enjoy the weather!

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Falls Hottest Colors


Fall is here! What are you going to wear? With every new season comes a new hot color for your closet. Luckily, we know exactly what all of you fashionistas should be sporting this autumn. We’re a big fan of warm taupe and sharkskin grey this season.

Warm taupe is a timeless shade that is both bohemian and stylish. This neutral color suggests an organic appeal and a reassuring vibe to the eyes. Our Esperanza Lamb Fur Fold Over Clutch in Beige accentuates a casual outfit and holds your necessities while remaining fashionable and trendy. This taupe item simply slays to be worn with a classy black ensemble.


Warm taupe can be worn from head to toe! Our Jewel Knit Headband with Crystal Fox Fur Strip is a timeless piece that doubles as a neck warmer for fall. You might also like our Marissa Chunky Knit Beanie with Fox Pom Pom in Stone to keep your head cozy in the chilly months. This season can be a bit cold, so it’s best to stay covered up.


Speaking of staying warm, we’re a fan of the Fingerless Rabbit Fur Knit Gloves in Pearl. These comfortable accessories keeps your hands free for other activities while regulating your body temperature. Don these accents with a casual coat or a formal dress.


Another hot color for fall is sharkskin grey. This versatile shade pairs with both vibrant and muted shades. You’ll love the classic appeal of our knit beanie with pom pom in grey. This cozy sharkskin accessory is adjustable and comfortable.

Another great item is our Jewel Knit Headband with Silver Fox Fur Strip in Grey. This trendy accessory keeps up with the trends while helping you stay warm. We’re also big on the Esperanza Lamb Fur Fold Over Clutch in Grey for a neutral accent to your favorite outfit.


Taupe and sharkskin are all you need for a trendy fall wardrobe. Pair these pieces with a fabulous ensemble and prepare to feel the breeze in your hair. You’re sure to love this fall as much as we do, so watch the leaves and witness autumn turn. Happy fall!

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Bohemian Chic


The free spirit in you will love the incorporation of sheepskin in your decorations. This bohemian style works on small apartments and large houses alike! When you want the hippie vibe, think about sheepskin and rustic decor.

How can you vamp up your bedroom? For starters, consider bohemian accents and natural sheepskin for decoration. This lush material is hypoallergenic and resistant of bacteria for easy cleaning. Picture your room with beautiful tropical plants and a sheep fur rug. Totally cool, right?
If you’re looking to decorate your patio, inquire about a plush single sheepskin rug. This versatile product can also be placed on chairs and couches for your comfort. You’ll love the boho look of soft sheepskin atop your hardwood furniture.

The great thing about sheepskin is it’s so adaptable to your decoration scheme! Envision a rug by your fireplace in the living room. So chic, yet so easy to do. Pick the size of your choosing and let the accent speak for itself.
When you’re looking to add texture and bohemian appeal to your home, sheepskin is the way to go. Drab marble and plaster walls get an instant boost with sheepskin rugs and throws. You can even find sheepskin items in different colors to match your decor.


Why not spruce up your hallway this winter? A sheepskin runner will make passing from room to room so much easier. With original artwork, a hypoallergenic rug will certainly enhance the bohemian vibe of your home.
There’s nothing better than sheepskin when you’re trying to accentuate your bohemian decor. When you plan to keep a natural color scheme, think about adding a neutral colored sheepskin rug or runner to your rooms.

Redecorating your kitchen? Prepare your dining space with sheepskin on the chairs and floor. A bohemian rug looks fantastic with the addition of sheepskin as an accent. Your room will look more bold and happy for your guests.
Sheepskin rugs are durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. You won’t regret adding them to your house. Bohemian beauty is all yours when you put sheepskin in the mix. Go natural and get your groove on!


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Fall Home Decor


When we think about fall, we think about the leaves beginning to change from bright, lively green to that missed and oh-so familiar fiery combination of red, orange and yellow. We think about Thanksgiving, Halloween, pumpkins, harvest and sweater weather. It’s a great time of year that many of us look forward to, but we also realize that the cold weather is coming.

It’s already starting to get cooler. Before we know it, fall will be in full swing. There are plenty of ways that you can start to get ready for autumn. You’re going to begin to dress differently to add warmth, and a similar process happens in most people’s homes. In the summertime, you like your home to be a nice, cool place to relax and escape the heat. As the weather begins to get cooler, naturally you want your home to feel warmer. There are many ways you can do this that don’t involve turning up the thermostat. Texture and color are two important tools that you can use to help your home become the cozy place that you need it to be in the chilly seasons. Over the next few weeks leading up to autumn we’re going to be providing advice on how you can update your home decor to prepare for the fall months and eventually winter.

Genuine fur pieces are a great way to bring a ton of warmth into one’s home decor. It’s a great insulator making it the perfect material to contribute heat. Furs also come in a range of stunning natural colors that can contribute to visual warmth. The same can be said about the full, fluffy texture of fur; not only does the texture insulate; it also looks snug and cozy.

You can very easily add fur to your home in a couple of ways:

Fur Blankets

Add a fur throw blanket your living room by adding them to your couch, love seat or chair. You can also place blankets on your bed for a cozy touch that is sure to keep you warm.


Fur Pillows

Fur pillows can really take a room from average to amazing. They have the ability to totally change the look of a decor scheme and to take them from season to season. Real fur pillows add texture and exude luxury.


Fur Rugs

Fur rugs can be placed in almost any room in your home and come in many different fur types. Our rugs range from sheepskin to fox to coyote to more exotic furs like deerskin, caribou and buffalo hide rugs.


Stay tuned to see all the exciting ways you can bring warmth comfort and style to your home for fall and winter.

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Not your Grandmothers Fur


Forget the generalization that fur is just for grannies and old Hollywood actresses anymore. This new generation of fur apparel has proven to be contemporary, fashionable, and fun! You don’t have to dust off the mothballs in Grandma’s closet to find the fur coat of your dreams. Whatever your style is, you too can rock the fur look at any age.


Looking for more color in your life? Fur coats don’t always have to be in neutral and bland tones. The new array of dyed Finn raccoon apparel allows you to have the luscious appeal of fur in funky and vibrant shades atop your ensemble. Fresh and vivid colors make any monochrome outfit look trendy and helps you stand out in a crowd.
Patterns are also important when it comes to creating your personal style. Pieced and dyed fur creates a dramatic look for the fashion-forward fashionista to take on the world! Texture is also key to a great stylish effect when fur is on the collar and cuffs. These coats are sure to wow the crowd and keep you warm during the winter and fall.

Fur isn’t just for the older set these days. Dynamic patterns like mosaic on a mink coat give you a retro look and remain looking youthful and vivacious. Fur accents are now completely different than they were in the yesteryear and we mean this in the best way possible!


Your accessories can be just as exotic as your new look when you don yourself with fur accents. We love large statement fur! Add texture and unbelievable style with a slouchy style fur purse. Fashion meets function; makes the perfect everyday bag to tuck all your necessitates in.


Look to a pretty Mongolian lamb fur stole if you’re going for the glamour style. You can find this accessory in feminine shades like petal pink with a lightweight appeal to easily pair over a black jacket or long sleeve shirt. The beauty of stoles is their ability to be worn as a shawl, wrap, or scarf, giving it a timeless effect that stays new and functional.
New silhouettes and cuts let your fur coats look fashionable and flattering over any figure. Forget the stigma that fur is for your grandma and check out the latest fur apparel for a fresh and fun look. Welcome to the new year of fur!

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Fur Through the Times

Full Pelt Blue Fox Fur BlanketFur history comes from the earliest times, fur and leather and have been used by human kind.  These animal pelts have protected people from dying in extreme cold and from other harmful conditions.  Fur popularity has remained through the ages because of its strength and durability, status symbol, and warmth.

In the early societies, when fur clothing and other by products were worn by the ruling classes and experienced hunters, they exude power.  These materials were also associated with the social status in the European societies.  The last 2 centuries witnessed the middle classes falling in love for fashion furs, such as fur coats and fur vests.  They have felt that wearing such clothing is a way by which they can give themselves a modern look and also express their social standing,

Concerns about using animal products in fashion have started since the 1980s.  Efforts were extended by anti fur activists to strengthen their campaigns against cruelty to animals.  However these campaigns were not able to wipe out entirely the popularity of fur clothing.  The desire to wrap oneself in fur and leather still persists, because people wearing them feel and look and sensual and classy.

Fur vests and coats have been essential parts of human clothing ever since the early history.  Fur is a tool that enables men to survive in the earliest times, and has continued to become necessities when it comes to protection from the cold climate. These are reasons why fur and leather, when used as clothing, are part of our culture that are valued so highly.

These days, fur vests, coats and other fur clothing and accessories continue to enjoy being liked by most people and are still a symbol of taste and good standing and may remain to be for many years to come.

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves fur and has defended her right to wear fur. Fur Coats, Fur Jackets, and Fur Accessories are great for keeping warm over the winter while keeping stylish.

Lady Gaga has defended her right to wear fur, despite fury from fans and critics alike over photos of her greeting fans in Bulgaria while wearing a fur coat.

However, the singer suggested in an open letter to fans that she may still continue to wear animal fur in future, stating: “You see a carcass, I see a museum pièce de résistance.”

She added: “But I am truly sorry to fans who are upset by this, its a fair and applaudable feeling about the health and safety of animals. I respect your views, please respect mine.”

Animal rights group PETA compared Gaga to a “mindless Kim Kardashian” after the singer was photographed wearing a fur coat on tour in Bulgaria on Monday.

In response, Gaga published the open letter online to confirm her new stance on the issue, which seems to go back on her 2009 comment to Ellen DeGeneres on US TV that: “I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.”

To read the rest of this article click here.

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Lady Gaga looking great in her Fox Fur Scarf!

Lady Gaga keeping warm and looking great in her Fox Fur Scarf this Fall in Germany. Keep yourself warm this year with Fur Shawls and Stoles.

She’s always been known to push the boat out with her daring and outlandish clothing choices.

But it seems Lady Gaga is going out of her way at the moment to stamp her bizarre style on her look even more.

And yesterday’s (Wednesday) outfit choice is sure to get criticism thanks to its controversial elements.

The Poker Face hitmaker stepped out in Cologne, Germany in a white fox fur scarf draped around her shoulders.

Although it’s unclear whether the garment is real or a faux fur drape, it’s sure to cause fury with animal rights activists.

And the rest of her outfit was far from inconspicuous.

To read the rest of the article click here.
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Fur Fashion – Jean Daniel Lorieux For MILADY

Amazing video featuring some wonderful fur fashion from Jean Daniel Lorieux For MILADY. Add a Fur Coat, Fur Jacket, Fur Vest, or Fur Accessories to any outfit to complete your wardrobe.

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