Fur Through the Times

Full Pelt Blue Fox Fur BlanketFur history comes from the earliest times, fur and leather and have been used by human kind.  These animal pelts have protected people from dying in extreme cold and from other harmful conditions.  Fur popularity has remained through the ages because of its strength and durability, status symbol, and warmth.

In the early societies, when fur clothing and other by products were worn by the ruling classes and experienced hunters, they exude power.  These materials were also associated with the social status in the European societies.  The last 2 centuries witnessed the middle classes falling in love for fashion furs, such as fur coats and fur vests.  They have felt that wearing such clothing is a way by which they can give themselves a modern look and also express their social standing,

Concerns about using animal products in fashion have started since the 1980s.  Efforts were extended by anti fur activists to strengthen their campaigns against cruelty to animals.  However these campaigns were not able to wipe out entirely the popularity of fur clothing.  The desire to wrap oneself in fur and leather still persists, because people wearing them feel and look and sensual and classy.

Fur vests and coats have been essential parts of human clothing ever since the early history.  Fur is a tool that enables men to survive in the earliest times, and has continued to become necessities when it comes to protection from the cold climate. These are reasons why fur and leather, when used as clothing, are part of our culture that are valued so highly.

These days, fur vests, coats and other fur clothing and accessories continue to enjoy being liked by most people and are still a symbol of taste and good standing and may remain to be for many years to come.

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves fur and has defended her right to wear fur. Fur Coats, Fur Jackets, and Fur Accessories are great for keeping warm over the winter while keeping stylish.

Lady Gaga has defended her right to wear fur, despite fury from fans and critics alike over photos of her greeting fans in Bulgaria while wearing a fur coat.

However, the singer suggested in an open letter to fans that she may still continue to wear animal fur in future, stating: “You see a carcass, I see a museum pièce de résistance.”

She added: “But I am truly sorry to fans who are upset by this, its a fair and applaudable feeling about the health and safety of animals. I respect your views, please respect mine.”

Animal rights group PETA compared Gaga to a “mindless Kim Kardashian” after the singer was photographed wearing a fur coat on tour in Bulgaria on Monday.

In response, Gaga published the open letter online to confirm her new stance on the issue, which seems to go back on her 2009 comment to Ellen DeGeneres on US TV that: “I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.”

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Lady Gaga looking great in her Fox Fur Scarf!

Lady Gaga keeping warm and looking great in her Fox Fur Scarf this Fall in Germany. Keep yourself warm this year with Fur Shawls and Stoles.

She’s always been known to push the boat out with her daring and outlandish clothing choices.

But it seems Lady Gaga is going out of her way at the moment to stamp her bizarre style on her look even more.

And yesterday’s (Wednesday) outfit choice is sure to get criticism thanks to its controversial elements.

The Poker Face hitmaker stepped out in Cologne, Germany in a white fox fur scarf draped around her shoulders.

Although it’s unclear whether the garment is real or a faux fur drape, it’s sure to cause fury with animal rights activists.

And the rest of her outfit was far from inconspicuous.

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Fur Fashion – Jean Daniel Lorieux For MILADY

Amazing video featuring some wonderful fur fashion from Jean Daniel Lorieux For MILADY. Add a Fur Coat, Fur Jacket, Fur Vest, or Fur Accessories to any outfit to complete your wardrobe.

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Fur Stoles Make a Great Addition to any Outfit!

Silver Fox Fur StoleComfort isn’t the only thing women are looking for in terms of type of clothing they wear. To look stylish and elegant are just two of the most significant factors that women want. Women always want to look fashionable whatever the climate. Winter season is the season where most women hid their figures and are expected to look less fab, but these are false expectations. Women can still look trendy and gorgeous, even if they will wear winter coats. Fur coat is one fine winter coat women can wear and still look stylish and beautiful. Fur shawls and fur stole are two distinctively stylish fur coats that any woman can choose to wear.

White Fox Fur Stoles look neat and sophisticated. So, if you are one of the women who wants to get the sophistication of a fur stole, go with this white fur stole. However, if you are among the group of women who want to exude classiness, then the black fur stole is for you.

There are also fur stoles for wedding available for you to choose. Fox Fur Four Tier Stole is one white fur stole that would show your sophisticated side. The quality of this fur stole is at its finest. This white fur stole is stunningly gorgeous, which weighs very light and isn’t bulky. It provides the warm that you need for the winter season and at the same time will give you the stylish look even if it’s cold. The exquisiteness of this fur stole comes with an opulent price of $1,049.95 but with the ongoing promotion, you can get it now with a valuable saving of $350 that would make the price lowered down to $699.95.

You should grab it now before the price will rise back to its original value. You’ll be assured that you will be undoubtedly given the warmness you need for the winter season as well as it gives out the beauty within you. Make sure to pair your Fox Fur Stole with a Fashion Fur Hat.

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Favorite Olympians Sporting Their Fur!!

Knitted Mink Fur Vest with HoodThe Olympics are here and we are traveling through time to check out some of our favorite Olympians sporting their fur! Fur Jackets, Fur Coats, Fur Vests, and Fur Accessories have been part of the Olympics since the beginning!!

Olympic fever is here as the London 2012 Olympic Games have officially started! With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favorite Olympians, past and present, looking fantastic in fur. From chasing down Olympic gold to dominating sports and fashion magazines around the world, these pillars of sports success have made America proud and looked darn good doing it.

So take a stroll down memory lane with us and check out some of your favorites…

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Stay Trendy with Fur Headbands

Crystal Fox Fur HeadbandFur headbands have been a favorite winter accessories by women. While it came off the fashion trends a few years ago, it is now coming back with styles, designs and colors that you can’t resist.  The headbands of today are now the hot trends these winter season because they add class and elegance to a woman’s look.  You can see them worn by everyday people and also the Hollywood celebrities in the magazine covers and inside pages and on the runways.

These winter accessories are made of different types of furs that include fox fur, rabbit fur, mink fur, coyote fur, raccoon fur, beaver, and so on.  Selecting a type of fur headband to buy should depend on what you want to wear that headband for.  For example, if you want the classic type to wear informally, the coyote fur should be the choice.  Blue fox or silver fox fur is ideal for something dramatic.  You buy a Rex rabbit fur headband if what you are looking for is something that matches with any of your attire. However, the most popular among women is fox fur headbands.

Fur headbands are easy to buy at stores specializing in fur products.  You can go there in person and try some styles and colors that fit you.  They are also available online where you can browse a variety of designs and get them at much cheaper prices than in ordinary stores.  If you are looking for gift ideas, fur headbands are wonderful choices.  Besides being utilitarian, they are also fashion forward.

Headbands can be worn in different styles, and should coordinate with the shape of your face and/or hair style.  Whether or not to cover your ears with the headband is your own personal choice of style and need for protection from the cold. Most styles come in one -size -fits -all.

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Fur Trade’s Role in Developing West Displayed at Museum

Full Pelt Sheared Beaver Fur ThrowEvery wonder what the how the western Canada played a part in the fur trade? Learn all about it by visiting Exploration Place. The fur trade help develop many products such as fur hats, fur coats, and fur gloves.
Prince George, B.C.- Anyone looking for a break from the heat, might want to think about   ducking into Exploration Place this week to check out a new exhibit.
The travelling exhibition “Profit + Ambition: The Canadian Fur Trade 1779-1821” is on display at the museum.
This exhibition is from the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau and it showcases the story of Canadian fur trade pioneers and the impact of the industry on the development of Western Canada.
The Federal Government provided $15 thousand dollars to bring the interactive exhibit to Prince George.  “This funding enables us to bring an important part of our history to life and educate both visitors and residents about the pioneering spirit that founded the West” says Fraser-Fort George Museum Society CEO Tracy Calogheros.
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History of the Fur Trade

Crystal Fox Fur BlanketThe fur trade was one of North America’s most important and earliest industries, and for more than 300  years, played a big role in the development of Canada and the United States.  In year 1500, fur trade began as an exchange trade between the Europeans and the Indians.  Tools, weapons and other goods were given in exchange for beaver furs.  These valuable fur and other types of furs were used in Europe in making felt hats.

The French fishermen and explorers were the first fur traders.  Canadian fur trade started when Samuel de Chaplain, a French explorer, established a post in Quebec, Canada, which later became the fur trading center.  Eventually these French explorers controlled most of the trade; then goods like kettles, gifts and knives were offered to Indians as a gesture of friendly relations.  The Indians gave them pelts in return.

The fur trade continued to develop and prosper and many companies competed for this Canadian  fur trade heavily. Companies hired white frontiersmen to obtain pelts, because most Indians were not very interested in the industry.  These frontiersmen searched for fur and roamed the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.  They hunted beaver, wolf, mink, marten, lynx,  fox, and other fur bearing animals.  The went up mountains and over the great lakes, and into the Canadian plains.

Fur during those times was in great demand.  Fine ladies needed them for coats and gentlemen used fur for their hats.  Fur is used to trim coats of all working men and also their families, and also for mufflers for young kids and blankets for babies. To this day, “rendezvous” are held annually.  This is a meeting by trappers, aiming to continue giving us the most accurate information about the fur trade.  All of us share in the history which is rich and varied, and the tradition of wearing and using fur. Many fur products such as fur coats, fur hats, fur jackets, and fur earmuffs are still worn to this day.

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Fashion Fur Trade

Black Mink Janice Bolero JacketCurious about the worlds fur markets? Find valuable information about fur markets which fur companies from all over the world get involved in to make products such as fur hats, fur coats, fur jackets and much more.

Fur auction prices are a good indicator of the world climate of the fur industry. In the last few years fur prices have gone beyond levels of past years at the world’s biggest fur auction houses. According to the Fur Information Council of America (2010), in the United States the overall fur sales increased by 3.1% for 2010 when compared to the previous year, and fur sales have actually increased over 30% above early 1990 levels.

The latest figures from the March, 2012, Fur Harvesters Auction (2012) held in North Bay, Ontario indicate that this year’s sale of furs was the most successful in the company’s history, and the largest sale on record. Mink, fox, muskrat, lynx, sable, beaver and coyote are some of the furs that have been in high demand at the auction houses in the last few years.

Mink pelts, which had fallen to $10 US in 1990, were bringing in more than $100 US at fur auctions in 2011. The price of mink had not only risen, but it had gone beyond past years’ levels. Mink now represents close to 70% of all the fur sold at retail (Fur Information Council of America, 2010; Goddard, 2011).

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